Why does Kia get such hate?

I am considering purchasing a Kia K5 GT-Line soon. However, whenever I mention the idea of getting a Kia, I receive disapproving looks and comments like, “But it’s a KIA, it’s bound to be poor quality/unreliable!” How accurate are these perceptions, and what leads people to say such things?


@Zacky people always go back to the past when Kia (and Hyundai) did have reliability problems back in the day.

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Perceptions of Kia’s quality have improved, but some old biases linger which might make you change your mind.

@Zacky Reliable reviews and test drives can help clear your mind…

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Kia’s aggressive marketing, characterized by bold and attention-grabbing campaigns, is sometimes seen as gimmicky or over-the-top, contributing to a less premium brand image.

The turbocharged engine, while powerful, may not deliver the best fuel economy compared to some naturally aspirated competitors.

In addition, Despite Kia’s improvements, the brand may still carry some lingering perceptions of being a “budget” option, which could be a drawback for some buyers.

Historically, Kia faced challenges with brand perception due to issues like reliability and build quality

Also many people people may still hold onto outdated stereotypes about Kia based on previous models or experiences

The K5 GT-Line has received positive reviews for its performance, features, and overall value. It’s always a good idea to research and test drive the vehicle yourself to form your own opinion based on firsthand experience.