When did kia change their logo

Hello evryone, If I may ask, When did Kia update their logo design, and what prompted this change?

They changed it 2021. Why what did you hear?

Kia actually updated their logo design pretty recently, in early 2021. The change was part of a broader rebranding effort by the company to reflect their evolving identity and vision for the future.

That all changed in 2021, when the company revealed its new logo, which transformed Kia’s traditional wordmark of three clearly defined letters into an angular glyph kerned so tightly that it looks more like a KN than a K-I-A.

Kia’s logo got a makeover in 2021! It seems they wanted to shed their old skin and embrace a sleeker, more modern look.

Think of it as going from flip phone to smartphone. While some folks miss the familiar design, the new logo reflects Kia’s focus on innovation and future-proof technology.