Whats your perception of Kia and why?

For the past month and a half, I have been a vehicle salesman at an Australian Kia dealership. Seeing how different people view Kia and their reputation, as well as how they develop an opinion of a car manufacturer, is really enlightening.

Since I would say that I would be more knowledgeable about Kia than most others, I would like to hear from those who wouldn’t engage with them on a daily basis. I’d like to know what others think about Kia, both now and in the past, and if you have any criticisms, please share them with me.

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Like many other firms, I believe Kia has made significant progress since learning that consumers are fed up with purchasing cheaply made junk. I believe Kia would benefit greatly by catering to a younger demographic. None of their vehicles stand out as very “fast” or sporty, and I’m not even aware of any “sporty” models that they produce (I’m sure they have one, but I’m not positive about it without checking online).

Although their cost is decent, I would prefer to spend my money on a more reputable brand because that makes them appear, well, bland.