What's the weight of a Kia Sorento?

Hey guys, quick question: do any of you happen to know how much a Kia Sorento weighs? I’m looking into some specs for a project, and this detail would really help me out. Thanks!

The weight of a Kia Sorento can vary depending on the model year and the specific trim level. Generally, the curb weight of a Kia Sorento ranges from about 3,810 pounds to around 4,300 pounds. For the most accurate and detailed information, it’s best to check the specifications for the specific model year and trim you are interested in.

Hey there! Great question! I’ve actually looked into Kia Sorento specs before, so I can definitely help you out with this.

The weight of a Kia Sorento can vary slightly depending on the specific model and trim level, but as a ballpark figure, you’re looking at around 3,800 to 4,300 pounds (1,724 to 1,950 kilograms). Of course, this can fluctuate a bit based on factors like optional features and engine choices.

I remember when I was researching cars for my own project, and getting those nitty-gritty details like weight was key. It’s amazing how much it can impact things like fuel efficiency and handling.