What kind of car is a Kia Soul?

What kind of car is a Kia Soul?

The Kia Soul is a subcompact crossover SUV, I think it’s one of the most affordable under the category

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  • Kia makes a small SUV called the Soul, which has been around since 2008.
  • If you’re looking for a compact SUV from Kia, the Soul is their option and it’s been on the market since 2008.

Hi, The Kia Soul has a distinctive boxy shape that sets it apart from other compact SUVs. This design maximizes interior space while maintaining a compact footprint.

Kia has been manufacturing and marketing the Kia Soul, a subcompact crossover SUV, since 2008.

Despite its SUV-like design, the Soul has never been available with all-wheel drive; instead, it is strictly front-wheel drive.

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