What is valet mode KIA?

Valet mode in Kia cars is designed to protect your privacy and limit car functions when someone else, like a valet, drives your car. It restricts access to the infotainment system and certain vehicle features, such as the trunk, to keep your personal information and valuables secure. This feature ensures your data and belongings are safe when you’re not behind the wheel.

Valet mode keeps your personal info safe by stopping control through the screen or buttons. When valet mode is on, you can see certain vehicle info using the Kia Access App, like when valet mode started and when the engine turned off.

KIA’s Valet Mode is like a digital security blanket for your KIA vehicle. It is designed to restrict certain functions when someone else, such as a valet parking attendant, is driving your car. Think of it as a temporary “teen driver” mode, but for professional drivers who might not be familiar with your vehicle.
The mode disables control using the screen or buttons helping protect your personal information and preventing unauthorized adjustments and more advantages to the owner.