What is Kia's general reputation in the USA these days?

I remember when Kia first came to the US in '99 or 2000, my dad thought it was “junk” and they looked cheap. I always saw them as lower-tier and unreliable.

I was debating between a Mazda 3 and a Forte, and my friend said “get the Mazda, Kia’s are cheesy” (I ended up getting the Kia btw!)

Do you think only auto magazine critics like Kias? It seems the general population hasn’t caught up.

What do you think the average American perceives the brand as? Do you find a lot of people aren’t very impressed with Kia, the way they talk positively about Toyota?

hall, kia ans check this out,Kia’s image in the US is getting better, seen as a more appealing choice than previously with competitive features, quality, design, and pricing.