What is a common cause of a ticking noise in a Kia?


A ticking noise is coming from my Kia! I have seen something online regarding low oil levels and damaged injectors, but is there a way to determine the exact cause? Instead of accelerating with revs, the ticking appears to be steady. Is it better to check the oil first, or should I listen for something else to identify the issue? Any advice, please, will help

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Stay calm @quinnlebron Check the oil first! Revisions or oil can cause ticking, but consistent ticking indicates oil. Look for signs of good oil, such as clicking injectors or variations in engine rhythm. If you can’t be able to handle this for yourself, please consult your mechanic please


Nice tip @Natashawilliams @quinnlebron Hope you have learned something from this post

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@Natashawilliams True @quinnlebron All you need is to consult your mechanical or Kia dealers for more information about the issue

Most likely, your engine oil is too low, so adding more oil should fix the problem. If replenishing your engine oil doesn’t stop the ticking noise, you need to have your engine inspected because one of your engine parts, such as the fuel injector, may be wearing out.