What do you think about the 2023 Kia Sportage?

We’re thinking about buying a gas-powered Kia Sportage because it’s affordable for us. We looked at the Honda CRV and the Hyundai Tuscon, but it seems like the Sportage offers better technology for a cheaper price. Does anyone have any opinions about it?

A friend of mine and her husband have owned the car for almost two years but have driven it for less than 7,000 miles. Perhaps this isn’t a fair assessment given the limited mileage, but their experience with it thus far has been positive. They opted for the basic gas model and haven’t encountered any issues. There was one peculiar incident where they inadvertently tried to move the car with the door open, causing it to malfunction and seize up. However, after understanding this limitation and becoming accustomed to the vehicle’s technology, their overall experience has been excellent. They’ve discovered that it’s slightly undersized for their needs, but apart from that, they’re quite satisfied with it.

It’s definitely good to hear positive feedback, but with such low mileage, it might be worth waiting to see if any issues arise down the road. 7,000 miles in two years is very low usage