What are the recommended wiper blade sizes for Kia vehicles?

Hey guys, I’ve always used 24/20 size windshield blades for my 2015 Sorento, both when it was new and for replacements from the dealer. But recently, I bought new ones from the dealer and realized they sold me 26/16 size blades.

When I checked online, I found out that both sizes appear for the 2015 Sorento, depending on the manufacturer. I plan to ask the dealer about this next week, but I’m curious if Kia officially changed the part sizes.

Anyone have any insights on this?

It’s common for different manufacturers to recommend varying sizes for the same vehicle model. Check your Sorento’s manual or with Kia directly to see if there has been an official update on the recommended sizes for the 2015 Sorento’s windshield blades.

It sounds like both wiper sizes are compatible with your 2015 Sorento, but to confirm whether Kia made an official change, asking the dealer is a smart move. You could also check Kia’s official parts site or customer service for the most accurate information. Keep us posted on what you find out