Using just UVO app to unlock and start the car

Has anyone attempted to use only the UVO app to start their car, unlock the doors, and drive without the key or key fob? I’m curious if this method would work in a situation where you are far from home and lose the key fob. For instance, if a family member accidentally took the key fob, leaving you without it. I haven’t tested this myself, but the remote lock/unlock and remote start functions work well with the UVO app. Would this be sufficient in an emergency?


with my experience, the UVO app enables remote start and unlocking, but it may not support driving without the key fob due to security measures. To verify this feature, it’s recommended to test it with your specific vehicle model.


Using the UVO app to start your car, unlock doors, and drive without a key or key fob could be useful in emergencies when far from home. While the app’s functions usually work well, relying solely on it may have limitations because of network issues or glitches. Check if your car model supports these features and consider security measures. Having a backup plan, like keeping a spare key, is wise for emergency access.

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That’s an interesting question! While the UVO app’s remote functions seem reliable, it’s hard to say for sure if it could fully replace the key or key fob in such situations without testing it firsthand. It’s worth considering as a backup option, but having a spare key stored in a secure location might still be a wise precaution for emergencies.

Thanks for sharing your experience! It’s helpful to know that the UVO app enables remote start and unlocking, but it’s understandable that driving without the key fob might not be supported due to security measures.

It’s great to hear about the potential usefulness of the UVO app for emergencies, especially when you’re far from home. While its functions typically perform well, it’s essential to acknowledge potential limitations due to network issues or glitches.

Has anyone successfully used the UVO app to start and drive their car without the key fob? I’m interested in knowing if this method is reliable in case you’re far from home and lose your key fob, such as if a family member mistakenly takes it. While I haven’t personally tried this, I know the remote start and lock/unlock features work well with the app. Can the UVO app be a dependable backup in such situations?

Using the UVO app to start and drive your car without the key fob can be a convenient backup in an emergency, but it has its limitations. The app’s remote start and lock/unlock functions are reliable; however, most vehicles require the key fob to be inside the car to actually drive. While the UVO app can start the engine and unlock the doors, you typically won’t be able to shift into gear and drive away without the fob present. Therefore, while the app is useful for certain remote functions, it is not a complete substitute for having the key fob, especially if you need to drive the car.