Turning Off Eco Mode in My Kia

Hey everyone, I’m driving a Kia and trying to figure out how to turn off the Eco mode. I see that “Eco” light lit up on the dashboard, and while it’s great for saving gas, I sometimes need that extra boost of power.

Does anyone know how to turn off Eco mode on a Kia? Is there a dedicated button, or do I have to dig through some menus on the touchscreen?

Any tips on disabling Eco mode would be awesome.


It’s automatic. Eco mode turns off based on how you drive (like speed and throttle). If you press the gas, it switches off Eco to make the car more responsive.

On my car, the button to disable eco mode is located on the lower left side of the dashboard, near your knee.

I drive a Kia and often switch between Eco mode and regular driving mode depending on my needs. To turn off Eco mode, there’s typically a dedicated button labeled “Eco” on the dashboard or near the gear shifter. Pressing this button usually disables the Eco mode and turns off the “Eco” light on the dashboard, giving you that extra boost of power when you need it. If you can’t find the button, you might have to navigate through the settings menu on the touchscreen, but in most cases, it’s just a single button press away.