Transitioning back to a 4-door: Experiences and tips?

So, I decided to swing by Southwest Kia in Rockwall, TX last Saturday, just to take a peek. Ended up getting more than I bargained for!

My main goal was to check out the beige leather in the EX model, as I’m not a big fan of the cloth they use in the LX. I’ve never been a leather-car kind of person, but I really dislike their choice of cloth that much.

I had my heart set on Metal Bronze or Dark Cherry after seeing them on the Kia website, but I was pretty let down when I saw them in person. Surprisingly, the white EX I test-drove started looking pretty appealing compared to those colors.

The one I drove had a white exterior with tan interior and all the fancy extras. But I couldn’t justify shelling out an extra $2250 for stuff I didn’t really need. That glass roof was a bit too much for me, especially since I hardly used the single sunroof in my Koup. So, I settled for a base EX. They had a white one with grey interior in the showroom, which was a tough call because I had my heart set on beige leather. But the price was right, and they gave me a really good deal for my Koup, so I went for it.

The grey leather actually looks pretty sharp against the black plastics.

Every time I take it for a spin, I fall more in love with this car. Kia really knocked it out of the park.


Visiting Southwest Kia in Rockwall, you initially aimed to inspect the beige leather of the EX model, steering clear of the less desirable cloth in the LX. Surprisingly, after the Metal Bronze and Dark Cherry colors underwhelmed in person, a white EX model with a tan interior caught your eye.

Opting out of the pricey extras, you settled on a base EX in white with a grey interior, swayed by the aesthetics and a favorable trade-in deal for your Koup. The grey leather, contrasting well with the black plastics, further solidified your choice. Each drive deepens your appreciation for the car, illustrating that sometimes, the best outcomes come from keeping an open mind and prioritizing practical considerations. Enjoy your new Kia—it seems like a perfect match for you!

Transitioning to a 4-door? Maximize space, get used to new handling, and enjoy easier access for passengers and child seats. Familiarize yourself with safety features and enjoy the added convenience!

I totally get what you mean about the cloth in the LX model versus the leather in the EX. I had a similar experience when I was car shopping a while back. There’s just something about that leather that adds a touch of luxury, even if you’re not usually a fan of leather seats.

And the struggle of picking the perfect color? Been there, done that! It’s funny how colors can look so different in person compared to online. But hey, it sounds like you found the perfect fit with that white EX. And it’s awesome that you were able to snag a good deal on the base model. Sometimes, all those fancy extras aren’t really necessary, right?

I bet that grey interior looks sleek against the black plastics! It’s all about finding that perfect combination that makes you fall in love with the car every time you take it for a spin. And it sounds like Kia really delivered with this one. Here’s to many more happy miles in your new ride!

It seems like your trip to Southwest Kia was quite an exciting experience! It’s fascinating how our initial preferences can change once we see the choices firsthand. The white EX with the grey interior appears to have pleasantly surprised you, combining both style and value. It’s wonderful to hear that you’re enjoying your new car and that Kia has gone above and beyond your expectations. Happy travels on the road ahead!

Glad to hear your visit to Southwest Kia was great and you loved the white EX! Enjoy your stylish new ride and safe travels!

Absolutely, the leather in the EX does bring that extra touch of luxury! It’s interesting how different car colors can seem in person versus online, isn’t it? It sounds like you made a great choice with the white EX and found a fantastic deal too. Often, those extra bells and whistles aren’t essential. The grey interior must look super sleek with the black accents—what a perfect combo! Enjoy every ride in your new Kia, and here’s to many joyful miles ahead!

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