Sorento compared to a CR-V

I recently purchased a fully equipped 2011 CR-V, but there are a couple things about it that I am not quite happy with. Think about returning it while it is still relatively new. Though I have not had a chance to test drive one, what I have seen online has made me want to buy a Sorento. The CR-V’s limited driver’s space and absence of a V6 engine are my two primary complaints. Though the Sorento has comparable legroom, I wonder if it will feel more spacious. Anyone has a comparison of the two cars’ driving comfort?

If you’re considering returning your 2011 CR-V due to limited driver space and the lack of a V6 engine, the 2021 Kia Sorento may be an attractive option. The Sorento has a more powerful engine with strong performance capabilities, smart technology and a roomy, feature-rich interior. It combines off-road performance with a beautiful look, appealing to adventurous drivers. On the other hand, if you prefer fuel efficiency and nimble handling in an SUV, need plenty of storage room for daily use and value robust safety features and crash-test performance, the 2020 Honda CR-V may be a better option for you.

hi sister, i recently went to purchase a car and after comparison was advised choosing between the two depends on your specific needs, such as seating capacity, performance preferences, and budget.

The CR-V is an IIHS Top Safety Pick, and the NHTSA awards it the top 5-star crash rating. So it’s at least comparable to the Sorento in terms of safety.