Smoke coming out of a/c vents in car

OK My wife calls me and says that when she turned on th A/C
white smoke came out just a little and was gone in a few seconds.
To my knowledge it’s the heater core or is it something else.

If you can’t smell antifreez I would guess it moisture being condensed out of the air. Your Auto A/C is designed to remove moisture from the air this is why you see water dripping from under Autos when their parked after running the A/C on a humid day.

Just bought my 2013 hybrid yesterday and then today i saw the white odorless smoke coming out of the vents. I put my hand in front of the vent for about 10 seconds and it wasn’t oily. My had was dry. You guys put me at ease saying it was just condensation.

When your wife saw white smoke from the A/C vents, it could be due to a few reasons, not necessarily a problem with the heater core.

If the smoke looked like vapor and quickly disappeared without a sweet smell, it’s likely just condensation. This happens when the A/C system, after being unused for a while, reacts with the warm, humid air, causing brief vapor.

However, if there’s a sweet smell, it could indeed indicate a heater core issue. This means the core might be leaking coolant into the HVAC system, producing steam that smells sweet and could lead to a foggy windshield or wet carpets.

Another less common cause could be an electrical fault if there’s a burning smell and visible smoke when the A/C starts.

For a definitive diagnosis, it’s best to have the car checked by a mechanic who can inspect both the A/C and heater core to pinpoint the problem and fix it efficiently.

Great to hear that the explanation about condensation reassured you! It’s common to see white, odorless vapor when you turn on the A/C, especially in a new-to-you car like your 2013 hybrid. Since the vapor wasn’t oily and your hand was dry, it sounds like it’s just condensation from the A/C system. Enjoy your new hybrid, and keep an eye on things as you get used to the car. If you notice anything unusual, a quick check-up can help ensure everything is in order.

That’s exactly right! The primary function of an auto A/C system is not only to cool the air but also to remove moisture.

If you do not smell anything burning, your smoke is actually condensing water vapor.

Glad to hear the condensation explanation put your mind at ease! It’s typical with A/C use, especially in a newer car like your 2013 hybrid. Just monitor it as you adjust, and don’t hesitate to get a check-up if anything seems off. Enjoy your ride!