Should I buy a Kia?


I am searching for a car under $20k with low mileage. Found a 2021 Kia Forte GT Line with the premium package for $21k and 9k miles (leased previously).

I have heard mixed stuffs about Kias and there have been break-ins, but it’s the best option I’ve found. I liked test driving it, and I only commute 4 miles a day to work, so it won’t rack up many miles.

Is it risky to go for this car, or could it be a good choice if I take care of it?


Sounds like you’ve found a promising option! While there are mixed opinions about Kias, it ultimately boils down to personal experiences and preferences. Since you enjoyed the test drive and your daily commute won’t put too much strain on the car, the Kia Forte GT Line could be a solid choice.

Because of better fuel efficiency You can go for it.


2021 Kia Forte GT Line Yes its a good car but i wont recommend you to get it but it is slightly above your $20k budget.


Your Budget is great for 9k miles the Kia Forte GT Line


Mileage and Leasing History:

The low mileage of 9,000 miles is very appealing, as it means the car has been gently used. The fact that it was previously leased is also a positive, as leased vehicles tend to be well-maintained.

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Yes, your Budget is great! But if you are sure you need the 2021 Kia Forte GT Line get a mechanic to inspect the vehicle thoroughly before making a purchase, and consider any additional security measures to protect against break-ins.

Good Lucky!

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On the other hand, Exceeding your budget for this car could strain your finances and limit funds for other expenses or unexpected costs. It’s wise to stay within your target price range. @LebronJames Great tip on the cost.

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If you can afford a Toyota, Honda, or Mazda, do that. I’ll never get another kia.

Yeah True! Staying within your budget is crucial to maintain financial stability. Stay advice

Its more powerful with 1.6L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine producing 201 hp… Meaning better fuel efficiency