Should I address the P200A code immediately or is it just a minor nuisance?

Hey guys, so I’ve got this 2011 2.4L Sorento, and it’s throwing the P200A code. I’m kind of torn on what to do about it though. Taking it to the dealer might cost a fortune, and fixing it myself will eat up a bunch of time.

My main concern is whether this P200A code (Intake Manifold Runner Performance Bank 1) is causing any real damage to the engine, or if it’s just affecting power, fuel efficiency, or emissions. The car seems to drive okay, and it’s got a hefty 200k miles on it. Can I just let it slide, or am I risking engine damage by ignoring it and potentially running too rich or too lean?

Also, if any of you have come across repair videos for this issue, I’d really appreciate it. I’ve seen a ton of forum threads where people are frustrated with the problem recurring even after dealer visits, but I haven’t stumbled upon any easy fixes like, ‘Hey, check out this YouTube tutorial, it’s a breeze!’

Thanks a bunch for any advice!

Hey Flippa! You should definitely address the P200A code sooner rather than later. It’s related to the intake manifold runner, which can affect your engine’s performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions. Ignoring it might not cause immediate damage, but it could lead to bigger issues down the line.

Checking out a few DIY repair videos might help if you’re comfortable with some car maintenance.

Hey Flippa! I had the same P200A code issue on my car. I fixed it myself with a YouTube tutorial and some parts I bought online. It took a few hours, but the car ran much smoother afterward. It’s worth addressing to avoid bigger problems down the line!

Check out this video.

P200A is a code that shows a faulty IMRC system. This system is necessary to optimize the air/fuel mixture entering the engine by adjusting the airflow at different revs per minute
Your IMRC must remain functional since adjusting airflow improves engine efficiency.
A faulty IMRC mostly indicates an inoperative valve linkage inside the intake manifold assembly or an inoperative VCM actuator hence complications in the intake path of air into the engine