Question about Kia's factory order process and updates

I am trying to understand the dealership’s vehicle ordering process. On June 16th, I placed an order for a Kia Sportage hybrid SX Prestige, which was supposedly the first day dealerships could submit orders for this new hybrid model. Despite having paid a $1000 refundable deposit, I haven not received any updates from the dealership.

Could you explain the process once a dealer submits an order to Kia? I was informed that the dealer receives an acceptance confirmation from Kia, followed by a production confirmation, then a VIN number when the vehicle enters production, and finally a shipment date. Is this correct?

I recently contacted my dealership, and a salesman mentioned they haven’t received any updates on my order. However, another salesperson indicated they’ve received allocated hybrids that were sold at a premium. I am concerned that my ordered car might have arrived and been sold at a premium, with the dealership waiting for more allocations before informing me.

I believe I should receive a VIN number at the stage when the car is being built or shipped, so I can track its progress and be aware of its arrival.

Ordering a new car can feel mysterious. Here’s the usual flow: you place an order, the dealer sends it to Kia, Kia accepts and confirms production, then you get a VIN when it’s built, and finally a shipping date. It sounds like communication at your dealership might be off. With a deposit down, you should get updates. Those other salespeople getting hybrids are separate from yours, but it’s concerning they haven’t mentioned anything about yours. Definitely push for a status update – you deserve to know. Ideally, you’d get a VIN to track progress. If they’re not clear, consider reaching out to the sales manager.