Please guide on how to join kia theft class action lawsuit I

I apologize if this isn’t the appropriate forum for this question, but my Kia Sportage was stolen a few months ago as a result of the TikTok challenge. I’m interested in knowing how I can join the class action lawsuit regarding this matter.

Don’t get your hopes up for a quick payout. These things take forever and by the time you see any money your stolen Sportage will probably be gathering rust in a chop shop somewhere. A class action suit is like a feeding frenzy for lawyers. They feast on the case and what trickles down to you might barely cover a week’s worth of rentals. Maybe focus on getting a good insurance payout and a security system that isn’t from the Stone Age for your next car? Sorry to be blunt.

Get in touch with attorneys or legal firms experienced in handling class action lawsuits related to car theft. Share comprehensive information about your case, including details about your missing Kia Sportage, how the theft occurred, and any pertinent documents you possess.

Fellow Kia enthusiast, bummer about your Sportage! There actually was a recent settlement for the Kia and Hyundai theft issues.

You likely can’t join the original lawsuit, but check online for updates on the settlement claims process.

Kia might have a dedicated website or hotline for affected owners.