P0430 check engine

Just had my '16 for 4 months and got a check engine light today. The error is P0430 according to my scanner.

Has anyone encountered this code before? It seems to indicate an issue with the catalytic converter.

Could it be caused by a faulty O2 sensor instead? Coming from a Toyota background, these Kia’s feel quite different to me!

I’ve sent a diagnostic message to the nearest dealer through UVO. Now, I’m waiting to hear back from them for an appointment!

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The P0430 error code is triggered when the downstream oxygen sensor on bank two detects an irregularity in the performance of your catalytic converter. This code indicates that the system is operating below the required efficiency threshold. The catalytic converter is a crucial component for reducing vehicle emissions.

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While a faulty oxygen sensor can sometimes trigger this code, it’s often associated with issues related to the catalytic converter itself, such as deterioration or failure.

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The P0430 code is due to problems with your car’s catalytic converter system, specifically on Bank 2.