Need Help with Turn Signal Relay Flasher?

Guys, I’m on a hunt for the turn signal flasher in my car. Checked the fuse boxes, but it’s nowhere to be found. Heard it might be tucked away behind the dash, but I can’t spot it.

I’m switching to LED bulbs and need to swap out the relay. Any ideas where it could be hiding?

Finding the turn signal flasher in your car can be tricky if it’s not in the fuse box. It’s often hidden behind the dashboard or near the steering column. To locate it, turn on your hazard lights to activate the flasher, and listen for the clicking sound it makes. You might need to remove the lower dash panel to get a better look.

If you still can’t find it, the flasher unit might be part of a multi-function relay panel under the dash or near the interior fuse box. For more specific help, you can look up a service manual for your car model or check online forums and tutorial videos. Once you find it, replacing it with an LED-compatible relay should be simple. Good luck with your LED upgrade!

The turn signal flasher relay may be tucked away behind the dash area.

It’s often located near the fuse boxes you’ve already checked.

Keep following wiring harnesses from there to other junction points, or consult your owner’s manual diagram for the flasher relay location.

An auto parts store can also pull the specific make/model diagram to help pinpoint where it may be hiding.