My Radio stopped working! Then I fixed it! :)

Hey Sorento folks - My radio on my 2022 SX-P stopped working the other day.
I tried:
resetting the system using the menu.
hitting the rest button near the volume knob.
Pulling the negative battery cable off for 10 min.
Turned off Radio station sync in the Kia App.
Nothing seemed to work.

Then I saw there was a May 2023 Navigation Map and Software Update!
I ran the updater and got my Flash Drive prepared and let the Sorento update.
It fixed it. May 2023 Navigation Map and Software Update > Notice | Official Kia Navigation Update Website

In this update there are very few, if any, actual upgrades… unless you own an EV.
The navigation maps are all we will get updated… but it fixed my radio issue and now it works like a champ.

I hope this helps someone… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for sharing your experience! It is great to hear that the navigation map and software update fixed your radio issue. Your detailed steps could indeed help others who might encounter a similar problem with their Kia Sorento. If you have any more tips or questions about your Sorento, feel free to ask.