Kia Sportage GT 2016 issues

When overtaking at above 100km/h the engine light comes on and car looses revs. It then goes into a limp mode and won’t go above 80km/h.

When you restart the car engine light goes off and seems ok. But then randomly error reoccurres.

Three times now the service centre claim no issues. Kia don’t want to know about it.

It is a very serious problem. Not good when overtaking a road train or on freeway doing 115km/h in the fast lane.

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Is there anything specific I can help you with, like finding contact information for Kia customer service or researching mechanics in your area?

It sounds like you’re experiencing a serious issue with your Kia that’s both frustrating and potentially dangerous. If the engine light comes on and the car goes into limp mode while overtaking, it indicates a significant problem that needs immediate attention.

Since the service center hasn’t been able to diagnose the issue, here are a few steps you could consider:

  1. Document Everything: Keep a detailed log of when the issue occurs, including time, date, speed, and any other relevant conditions.
  2. Demand a Thorough Inspection: Insist on a comprehensive diagnostic check. Ask the service center to test drive the car under conditions similar to when the issue occurs.
  3. Contact Kia Corporate: Reach out to Kia’s customer service at the corporate level with your documented issues and service center reports. Escalate the matter if necessary.
  4. Consider a Second Opinion: Take your car to a different Kia service center or an independent mechanic for another diagnostic.

This is a serious safety concern, especially when driving at high speeds. Don’t give up until the issue is properly addressed.