Kia Sorento oil type

What specific type of oil is recommended for use in a Kia Sorento?

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As a KIA expert over the years Kindly I would recommend you use these

  • Engine oil viscosity: Kia recommends 5W-20 or 0W-20 oil in most conditions. Synthetic or conventional oil meeting specifications is acceptable.
  • API and ILSAC certification: Look for “API Certified” oils displaying “SM” or later certification on the container. ILSAC “GF-5” certification ensures the oil meets modern standards.
  • ACEA specification: Using an oil meeting ACEA A5/B5 specification provides the best all-around protection for Kia Sorento engines.
  • Manufacturer approval: Use major brand oils explicitly approved for Kia, like Mobil 1, Castrol, Pennzoil, or Valvoline which undergo OEM testing.
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Had this same question when I first got my Kia Sorento.
When I called the dealers to ask about the same, they told me to use any 5W-30.

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Hey good people,
I have a question that i’d like help wth too,
Is the part number 26350-2S000 the right one for the 2.5T engine’s oil filter?