KIA remote start not working

Is anyone experiencing difficulties with the KIA’s remote start function? UVO is working smoothly from the phone, but I am unable to activate the remote start feature.

Is your KIA’s remote start playing hide and seek? :red_car: Can’t find that button to start your ride from afar?
Let’s turn this frustration into a victory lap together! Drop your tales of remote start woes below and let’s see if we can summon some expert help to get those engines purring from a distance!

If your Kia’s remote start isn’t working through UVO, first ensure your UVO subscription is active, as some features may need a paid plan.

Also, update the UVO app to the latest version and check if your Kia model is compatible with remote start.

Issues could also be due to weak signal strength, so try in a location with a better connection.

Additionally, log out and back into the UVO app, or reinstall it, and ensure the car is locked with no keys inside, as these factors can affect functionality.

If problems continue, contact Kia’s customer support or visit a dealer for help.

Hey there! Sounds like your UVO app is a ninja, getting things done remotely, but the remote start needs a sidekick.

It might be a fob issue, settings snafu, or something else. Don’t worry, we can troubleshoot this together and get your remote start firing on all cylinders in no time!