Kia and kill switches - Overview

Next week, I’ll ask the dealer if they can put in a kill switch for me. I want one of the fancy ones that can keep my radio and dashboard settings intact. I thought about getting a professional shop to do it, but you know, warranty… Also, I still haven’t gotten the immobilizer software. Maybe they’ll install it next week. But does it actually work? Thanks.

I’m tired of using an old brake lock from the 1990s to feel safer when parking. I don’t want to use the free steering wheel lock because it messes up the steering wheel. So, I’ve started using my brake lock from 1995 again. That sound it makes is nostalgic.

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Hello, installing a kill switch is a smart move for added security. Immobilizer software can be effective too, but it’s best used in conjunction with other security measures. While nostalgic, consider newer options for vehicle security to ensure optimal protection without compromising functionality. Stay safe.

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1 Skip the kill switch because Warranty concerns are valid. Most modern cars have theft deterrents built-in.
2 Immobilizer software is better: Prioritize getting this installed professionally.
3 Ditch the brake lock:1990s locks are easily defeated. Consider a high-quality steering wheel lock that won’t damage the wheel.