Is the kia soul for me?

Hello, I would really like to get a soul. Since I work as a nurse in Newfoundland, Canada, I will be driving during the winter for at least three months in less than ideal circumstances. Is the soul up to this, or would it be wiser for me to switch to an AWD car that is higher up? Regards ahead of time.


You can go for it cuz the Kia Soul is a reliable choice for winter driving, thanks to its solid handling and traction control systems, but if you not comfortable please you can shop around

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It sounds like you need a reliable, safe vehicle for tough winter driving conditions in Newfoundland. A higher AWD car would likely be wiser for your needs.

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Hi there, Consider how well the Kia Soul will meet your needs over the long term, including factors like reliability, maintenance costs, and resale value.

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The Kia Soul stands out with its distinctive boxy shape and modern styling. If you appreciate a car that looks different from traditional sedans or SUVs, the Soul’s design might appeal to you.