Is Kia still easy to steal?

Someone on YouTube said that Kias and Hyundais, especially the older ones, are not good cars. They mentioned that car theft is still a big problem and that the engines can break easily. But I thought only the older Kias were easy to steal, not the new ones with the push-start button. What do you think?


Modern Kia and Hyundai vehicles come equipped with advanced security features, including anti-theft systems and keyless entry with push-start buttons, making them less vulnerable to theft compared to older models.

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@Zachariah, good response. I totally agree with you that modern kia vehicles are equipped with antitheft features, making them not to be stolen easily like older models, which their ignition points were easy to break through. I have watched through that youtube video on old kia models and can admit that new models are not easy to steal, unlike the old models.

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Older Kias and Hyundais did face issues with theft and engine reliability, which contributed to a mixed reputation.

Today companies have made strides in addressing these concerns, leading to a better standing in the automotive industry.

For example, newer models, particularly those with push-start buttons and enhanced security features, have seen significant improvements in both security.

This has reduced theft…

Older Kias and Hyundais had engine and theft issues, but newer models with push-start and better security show significant improvements, highlighting the brands’ progress in addressing these concerns.