How to reset kia sorento after oil change

Hello guys, I just got my oil changed in my Kia Sorento. Can someone walk me through the steps for resetting the oil change reminder on the dashboard? I am not sure how to accomplish that and would appreciate any guidance or recommendations for correctly resetting it. Thank you in advance.

Hi, To reset the oil change reminder on most Kia Sorento models (2021-2025):

  1. Start your car.
  2. Press the button (typically on the steering wheel) to access the “Settings” or “Setup” menu.
  3. Navigate using the buttons or dials to find “Vehicle” or “Maintenance”.
  4. Locate “Service Interval” or “Oil Change Reminder”.
  5. Choose “Reset” and confirm the reset when prompted.

Fantastic, many thanks! If my dealership is not tracking, I will forward this to them.

Any new information, OP? My model is the same as yours.

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No, but when I take it in for maintenance this month, I’ll be checking here in the coming days.