How to properly vent a fuel tank

My 2002 Sportage 4x2 is having trouble venting the fuel tank properly while refueling.

I’ve looked through this forum and tried the suggested solutions (the vapor canister isn’t clogged, and I’ve replaced the vapor canister valve).

I suspect the issue might be related to part #51 in the diagram. Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

Also, I’m having difficulty locating that part, so I’m wondering if anyone has found an alternative fix?


Your refueling issues with the 2002 Kia Sportage 4x2 are likely caused by a faulty fuel tank vent valve (part #51). If replacing it is challenging, look for a compatible aftermarket alternative. Also, check the entire fuel tank venting system, including vent lines and the vapor canister, for any blockages or damage. If the problem continues, seek assistance from a professional mechanic equipped with specialized tools for a thorough diagnosis.

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Have you considered reaching out to Kia directly or exploring aftermarket options? Sometimes a fresh perspective or alternative fix can do wonders. Best of luck getting to the bottom of this!

Exploring aftermarket alternatives or seeking professional help if replacing it proves challenging is a pragmatic approach. Additionally, checking the entire fuel tank venting system for blockages or damage ensures a comprehensive solution

If replacing the vent valve proves difficult, you mentioned looking for aftermarket parts. That’s a smart approach to consider, especially if it’s a more affordable option.

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