How to get free car steering wheel lock from Kia

Who knows how I can get free car steering wheel lock from Kia

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Free stuff from car companies in 2024? Dream on!

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In this world who is going to give you things for free keep on dreaming…

For acquiring a steering wheel lock from Kia, here are the steps I recommend:

  1. Reach out to your nearest Kia dealership as they occasionally provide complimentary items during promotional events.
  2. Visit Kia’s official website to look for any giveaways or sweepstakes where steering wheel locks might be up for grabs.
  3. Shop around Kia owner forums to get any discussions about special codes, coupons, or referral programs that could lead to obtaining a lock.
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Who is giving out free car spare parts 21st century? :rofl: please stop playing

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You can get a free car steering wheel lock from Kia. Kia and its sister company, Hyundai, are offering this to car owners worried about increasing thefts.

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If you’re set on leasing, there might still be room for negotiation.

Have you researched what others paid for similar Sorento models in your area? Websites like TrueCar or Kelley Blue Book can be helpful for that.

This information can strengthen your negotiating position.

That’s interesting! I’ve heard some car manufacturers have offered free steering wheel locks in the past to address theft concerns.

Kia might be doing something similar

You make a fair point. While manufacturers aim to please buyers, nothing’s truly “free” - costs are recouped elsewhere. As a new owner, I have much to learn about business realities.

You raise a good suggestion. While I’m pleased with my purchase overall, it can’t hurt to do more research before signing paperwork.

Kia itself isn’t currently offering free steering wheel locks in a widespread program. However, you can google a couple of ways to be able to get one