How much does where the kia was assembled matter?

In the long run, how much does it matter where the car was assembled?

For example, my VIN number is “K” and I own a Korean-assembled 23 SX premium hybrid Sportage.

My friend’s 23 EX Sportage non-hybrid VIN number “5” was assembled in the USA.

He claimed to have had three recalls since purchasing his in July, while I haven’t had any. November is when I purchased mine.

Is the problem with the assembly location? Or did my car get updated before I received it?

If there are long-term issues for any of us, only time will tell.

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My 2019 forte was made in Mexico. With 40K miles, there are no difficulties. I gave it to my brother and purchased a new Niro instead. Hopefully everything is fine with this vehicle as well.

Assembly location (Korea or US for your Kias) can affect quality, but it’s not the only thing. Both Kia factories follow their standards. Recalls can happen for many reasons, not where it’s built. Your Kia might have been built after they fixed the issue your friend’s car has. Check Kia’s website with your VIN to see if there are any recalls for your specific car. That’s the most reliable way to know for sure