How much does a kia sorento weigh?

What’s the weight of a Kia Sorento? I’m curious about its overall weight for various purposes. Can anyone provide the weight of this vehicle?

The weight of a Kia Sorento actually depends on the model year and engine option. It can range from around 1,672 kg (3,686 lbs) to over 2,550 kg (5,622 lbs).

For a more specific answer, you can tell me the year and engine type of the Sorento you’re interested in, and I can find the exact weight.

The weight of your Kia Sorento will depend on some factors such as the model, trim, and maybe modifications.
Without knowing these factors I can only approximate the weight according to the factory estimates.
For the 2024 Kia Sorento, the curb weight ranges from 4000 lbs. to 4537 lbs.