How long do Kia optimas last

Hey there, I want to buy a Kia Optima. Are they really as dependable as people say?

The Optima has built a strong reputation for dependability. Consumer reports gives it above average reliability ratings.

The 4-cylinder engine and automatic transmission combinations seem to hold up very well with few issues reported even at higher mileages. This is the core of the vehicle and bodes well for long term costs.

Kia has improved build quality - Optimas feel solidly put together and don’t tend to develop many rattles or squeaks over time like some cars.

The 10 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty Kia offers removes risk of unexpected repair bills in the first decade.

Reliability surveys routinely rank Kia near the top of the industry which is a good sign.

In general most Optima owners find them quite dependable with little issues over very high mileages, but major unexpected problems are relatively uncommon. It’s developed a solid reputation as a reliable family sedan.