How Do You Diagnose and Replace the Idle Air Control Valve on a Kia?

Hi, can someone help me find the Idle Air Control Valve on my 2011 Kia Sportage? I think it’s causing the issue because my car idles erratically, almost stalling but not revving high. It even stalled while I was driving without giving gas. A picture would be great, but any help is appreciated.


I’m not familiar with that model, but it’s from around the time they began switching to “Drive by Wire” throttle bodies, which don’t have an IAC. Could you post a picture?


I figured it out. You were absolutely right; it was the throttle body. After cleaning it, my idling is now perfect. Thanks so much for guiding me in the right direction.


I searched online for the symptoms my Sportage was experiencing. Most vehicles suggested it might be the idle air valve. However, when I enter my vehicle information on online auto parts stores for the idle air valve, no products appear. The issue I’m having is rough idling when I’m in gear at a drive-thru or stopped at a red light with my foot on the brake. It stops as soon as I release the brake and accelerate. Does anyone have any other ideas of what it could be?

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My Kia Soul is having the same issue! Have you figured out what’s causing it and how to fix it? Any insights would be much appreciated too.