How do I know if my kia has an immobilizer?

Is there a way to find out if my wife’s 2018 Sportage has an immobilizer by the VIN?

We can do it even faster than that, if you have to twist your wrist to start the engine, it doesn’t.

yep. if you use a key NO immobilizer. only the ones with push button start have it.

To find out if your wife’s 2018 Kia Sportage has an immobilizer using the VIN, you can:

  1. Use a VIN Decoder: Access an online VIN decoder to get detailed information about the vehicle’s features.
  2. Contact Kia Customer Service: Call Kia’s customer service or visit a dealership with the VIN to confirm the presence of an immobilizer.
  3. Check the Owner’s Manual: Review the manual for security features information, which generally applies to all models of the same year.

These steps should help you confirm whether the vehicle has an immobilizer.