How change units miles to km?

In the LCD options, I discovered the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion, and the units switch smoothly on the A/C console and the passenger unit in the second row.

However, I’m unsure where to find the option to change miles to kilometers for the odometer and MPG to liters per 100 kilometers.

In the settings, I only found options for American miles or English miles. Thanks for any help!


Use the vehicle’s infotainment system or onboard computer to access the settings menu. Depending on the model and year of your Kia, you may need to navigate through different menus or submenus to find the options for units conversion.

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You should be able to find the configuration page through the “Setup” screen.

It’s in the owner’s manual, I’m sure.

@Joy are you sure I have read the manual three times and did not find how to do it. Maybe it will be only via GDS for KIA or another service software. The same problem is with Kia Soul You can change only temperature unit. Odometer is in miles if You want km/h You must connect OBD and programing via PC

Owners manual says speedo “calibrated in miles per hour (mph) and/or kilometers per hour (kps).”
So… maybe some countries get a choice? (You’d think US/Canada would offer that).graming via PC