How can i fix P1326 knock sensor, limp mode?

This isn’t even my car, but I’m here fixing it. My wife works as a nanny for this lady, and she needs all the help she can get. The car went into limp mode, and now I know a lot more about Kia/Hyundai knock sensors than I want to. I’m not sure if the new sensor solved the problem, so here I am. Luckily, the dealer confirmed that her car’s VIN doesn’t match the one with the faulty 2.4 engines.

Edit: It means it’s a regular 2.4, not the one with the fire hazard issue. However, that might not be relevant for the 2.4 anyway.

If your car is showing a code like P1326, they’ll probably start by replacing the knock sensor and related parts, which it seems you’ve already done.
You can keep driving it, but if you notice any new problems, let them know. Just take it easy, but keep an eye on the oil level. If it’s using a lot of oil, it might not last much longer.
If the car breaks down, starts making loud noises, or the P1326 code comes back, it’s probably time to go to a Kia dealer and think about getting a new engine. You might want to check with different dealers to see who can get it done the quickest.
These engines usually have a warranty for the important parts. Then the question is, how will you get around while your car is being fixed? You might have to pay for a rental car upfront, and the dealer might or might not have a loaner car available.

Why did the knock sensor become part of the orchestra? To identify the ideal timing!