Has Kia fixed the theft problem?

Hey there, I searched on Google, but the results are unclear. Are new Kias still having issues? Should we wait before buying one until we’re sure the problem is fixed?


Hi,Despite these measures, the effectiveness of the solutions has been mixed. Reports indicate that while theft rates have decreased somewhat, they remain significantly higher than before the problem emerged.


There are reports of thefts still occurring even with the software update. The effectiveness might vary depending on the specific model and method used by thieves.

Kia has partially addressed the theft problem in some Optima models and other vehicles. THEY have infact developed a software update for some affected models to extend alarm duration and require a key in the ignition. They’ve also gone ahead and offered free steering wheel locks in some cases.

Jason, While there have been reports of issues with certain Kia models in the past, the reliability of newer Kia vehicles varies depending on the specific model and year. It’s essential to research the particular Kia model you’re interested in and consider factors such as customer reviews, expert opinions, and reliability ratings from sources like Consumer Reports or J.D. Power.

Additionally, Kia has made significant improvements in quality and reliability in recent years, and many of their newer models receive positive reviews for performance, safety, and features. Ultimately, it’s a good idea to thoroughly research and test drive any Kia model you’re considering to ensure it meets your standards and preferences before making a purchase.