Does the Kia Soul come with all-wheel drive?

Hello Kia Soul lovers, Does the Kia Soul come with all-wheel drive?

Hi Bro,
The Kia Soul is only available with front-wheel drive and does not offer an all-wheel drive option.

This is something to consider depending on your driving needs, especially if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions where all-wheel drive might be beneficial

No, the Kia Soul doesn’t have a system that makes all its wheels move. The Kia Soul is a small SUV with five doors. People like it because it’s roomy inside and drives smoothly. Even though Kia calls it an SUV, it’s more like a big hatchback because it doesn’t have all-wheel drive and doesn’t sit very high off the ground. But there’s a special version of the Kia Soul called the GT-Line Turbo and X-Line Turbo that does have all-wheel drive. It also has a special engine that’s a bit more powerful.

Hey there fellow Kia Soul enthusiast! Unfortunately, the Kia Soul doesn’t come with it. I know, it would’ve been awesome to have that extra traction, especially for those slippery roads or adventurous off-road trips.

I remember when I was considering buying my Soul, I was really hoping for all-wheel drive too. But after some research and talking to other owners, I found out that while it doesn’t have AWD, it still handles pretty darn well in various road conditions. Plus, the fuel efficiency and overall reliability were big selling points for me.

Now, if all-wheel drive is an absolute must-have for you, there are other Kia models like the Sportage or Sorento that do offer it. But if you’re like me and fell in love with the Soul’s funky style and practicality, don’t let the lack of AWD deter you. Trust me, I’ve driven mine through some rough weather and it held up just fine.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions about the Kia Soul. Happy driving!