Does the Kia Sorento come with third-row seating?

Hey everyone, I’ve been eyeing the Kia Sorento for my next car, and I’m curious: does it come with third-row seating? I’m thinking about space for road trips and all.

Any insights would be awesome!

Yes, the 2024 Kia Sorento offers 3-row seating with 2nd-row captain’s chairs. Every passenger rides first class with room to seat up to 7, and there are standard 50/50 split-folding third-row seats. Additionally, the available second-row captain’s chairs can slide forward at the touch of a button for easy third-row access and can also fold over for even more cargo space. So, if you need that extra seating capacity, the Sorento has you covered

Absolutely, the Kia Sorento does come with third-row seating! It’s one of the features that makes it stand out for families or anyone who loves road trips. I actually had the chance to test drive one not too long ago, and I was pleasantly surprised by how spacious and comfortable the third row was.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a cross-country adventure, having that extra seating can really come in handy. Plus, the Sorento offers a good balance of performance, fuel efficiency, and safety features, which are all important factors for those long journeys.

So, if space for road trips is a priority for you, I can guarantee that the Kia Sorento with its third-row seating will definitely meet your needs. It’s a great choice for both practicality and comfort on the road!

Yes, the Kia Sorento comes with third-row seating, a great feature for road trips, and provides extra seating capacity. This third row is standard on most higher trim levels and optional on others. However, it’s important to note that the third-row space is more suitable for children or smaller adults, as it can be tight for full-sized adults, especially on longer journeys.

The Sorento’s interior is generally well-regarded for its quality and comfort, making it a solid choice for family trips or carrying additional passengers. Just be sure to check the specific trim and model year to confirm the availability of the third row, as features can vary.

The 2024 Sorento’s versatile seating and cargo options cover all your needs!


The Kia Sorento’s third-row seating is perfect for family road trips, offering space, comfort, and balanced performance!