Does my Kia car have an engine immobilizer?

I got a Kia Soul 2022 LX with Technology Package in the USA. Kia’s website says only the S trim and above have an engine immobilizer and push-to-start. But my car’s dashboard shows the Engine Immobilizer light when I turn the key to ‘ON.’ The owner’s manual says this light indicates if the car has an immobilizer. So, does my car really have it, or can dash lights show even if the feature isn’t in the car?


Despite Kia’s website only listing engine immobilization for higher model levels, your 2022 Kia Soul LX with Technology Package comes equipped with one. According to the owner’s manual, the dashboard “Engine Immobilizer” light attests to the existence of this feature. Despite the website’s absence, your automobile does have an immobilizer because dash lights accurately indicate installed features.

Your Kia Soul 2022 LX with the Technology Package most likely does come equipped with an engine immobilizer. Dash lights usually signify things that are operational, so even though Kia’s website makes no mention of them, your car may have one. You might ask a Kia dealership or get in touch with customer service to be sure.