Does Kia build trucks?

Hey, Is it true that Kia manufactures trucks?

Yes, Kia does manufacture trucks, but primarily for the South Korean market and some export markets.

Their truck lineup includes light and medium-duty commercial vehicles, like the Kia Bongo.

Yes, it’s true. Kia manufactures trucks, mainly focusing on light and medium-duty commercial vehicles.

That’s an interesting question. Kia’s truck situation is a bit of a “yes, but actually no” depending on where you look. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Traditionally: Kia has actually made trucks for a long time! They’ve had a commercial cabover truck called the Kia Bongo in South Korea since 1980 [Wikipedia Kia Bongo]. It’s never been available for everyday drivers in most countries, though.
  • Looking Forward: Kia just announced a brand new truck for global markets called the Kia Tasman [Autoblog Kia Tasman]! It’s not confirmed for the US yet, but there’s a chance it might come eventually, especially consideringhyundai’s success with their Santa Cruz truck there.

So, to answer your question directly:

  • Yes, Kia does manufacture trucks, but mostly for commercial use or in specific regions.
  • No, Kia hasn’t traditionally offered trucks to everyday drivers in most countries, like the US.
  • Things might be changing! Kia’s new Tasman truck is a sign they’re entering the global truck market, and it could potentially come to the US in the future.