Do kia and hyundai share parts

My mechanic is convinced about Hyundai’s reliability, but I have focused on a new Kia Telluride. Their appearances are quite similar! Should I choose between these brands based only on their features, as the mechanics may be the same, or do they share parts underneath?


You accurately say that Telluride or Palisade engines and other parts are frequently shared by Hyundai, which owns Kia!

Although certain features and appearance are different, it might still impact reliability. Take both for a spin and decide which feels better!


@quinnlebron If your mechanic vouches for Hyundai’s reliability, that’s a good sign. The Kia Telluride and Hyundai models share many components since they are sister companies, so their reliability and build quality should be similar. Focus on comparing features, design, and model options to decide which suits you best, as the underlying mechanics are largely the same.

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The Telluride’s fuel efficiency may not be as good as that of certain of Kia’s more compact vehicles, such as the Soul EV or Niro hybrid.

As members of the same parent business, Kia and Hyundai have a lot of shared core parts and technologies. Every brand, however, has its own features and styles. Choose according to your preferences, features, and dependability.