Crazy to be considering a Kia Forte?

I recently received a $20k settlement for my 2019 Honda Civic, and I now require a new vehicle. Although I would prefer not to take out a loan, I could manage a $2–$3k one with my extra $3–$5k in savings.

With insurance costing about $200 each month (now $150), I have been eyeing the 2023 Kia Forte (LXS vs. GT). The Forte costs $21-23k, while a Honda Civic Sport costs $25k. Because I have had two at-fault accidents in the past, my dad advises purchasing used to save money.

Should I think about paying cash for used automobiles even if they are more expensive, considering the theft problems with Kias in my city? We appreciate any advice you may give.


@quinnlebron Wonderful opportunity to get a reliable automobile! A certified pre-owned (CPO) 2020–2022 Civic or Forte would be the best option given your allowance. CPOs include theft protection and a warranty. Theft is an issue, but Kia has solved it in recent models (such as the 2023 Forte). For specific models, look up the Kia theft statistics in your city. Wishing you luck!


Although the Kia Forte is a good option for a small car, there are a few drawbacks to take into account. Not the Most Athletic Handling Although the Forte is pleasant to cruise in, its handling is not as exciting or crisp as that of certain rivals.

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Crazy to be considering a Kia Forte

Not at all! The Kia Forte is renowned for its contemporary features, fuel efficiency, and affordability.

It is a sensible option for a small vehicle.

Just make sure you are at ease with its security measures and take into account any hazards of theft.