Can anyone provide guidance on wiring an aftermarket HK head unit with GPS/DVD features?

Hey friends, I’m in a bit of a pickle here with my new car gadget and could use your tech wisdom. I’ve got this cool HK head unit from Maxtrons, decked out with GPS and DVD, but the wiring is like a puzzle I can’t solve.

There’s this one connector that’s got me scratching my head – it’s gray with three red dots and I’ve got no clue where it’s supposed to go. It’s got four wires attached: black, green, red, and white, and it’s just dangling there.

Any of you know what this mystery connector is for? And if you’re up for it, I’ve got a couple more questions about setting up the rear view camera and the TV tuner. Let’s make this thread a goldmine of info for anyone else braving this install!


How about showing us some shots of the front side?

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It seems like the installation guide isn’t much use for this part, huh?