Can a Kia Soul tow a trailer?

I’m moving from New York City to Portland. I heard you can use a Kia Soul to tow a trailer. Is there anything important I should know? Is one model better than another? I have three cats, so towing seems like the best option for me.


lenox my advice to your query would be the manufacturer’s recommends that there are specific reasons. Kia does not specify a towing capacity for the US model becoz they don’t consider it safe.


Even though the Kia Soul can carry up to 2,400 pounds, it’s not the best vehicle for towing. It can, however, tow a lightweight camper weighing less than 1,500 pounds. It is advisable to utilize a car having a higher towing capability if you need to haul anything heavier than that.

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The maximum weight capability of the Kia Soul tows compact trailers is 1,653 lbs. Kia advises reducing the weight of trailers to about 1,000 pounds. A towing package is available for some models. Although it is not intended for towing huge loads, the Soul may manage minor loads, such as utility or boat trailers. The owner’s handbook should always be followed.