Bad idea to buy new Kia Stinger due to being discontinued?

For months, I have been looking for sport sedans from many manufacturers, and the 2.5T AWD is the best deal at less than $45k. For comparable performance, other brands such as the Lexus IS and Acura TLX A Spec cost more than $49k.

There is a Genesis G70 option, but only the 3.3 model—which costs more than $57k—is accessible in my area.

What are your thoughts on components, depreciation, and future maintenance if I manage to make it through the Kia dealership and get one for MSRP?

Even if the car is not flawless, I adore its appearance and features.

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The Stinger shares some components with Hyundai and Kia’s other vehicles, which can keep maintenance costs reasonable.


Depreciation may occur more quickly than with similar models because the Stinger is no longer manufactured. The discount you could receive at MSRP, though, might outweigh this.


Even though the Stinger is no longer in production, it could still be a fantastic option if you adore the way it looks and feels and can find a good offer. Compare the reliability ratings of Kia to those of Lexus and Acura, even if Kia has improved.

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Great Tip @Natashawilliams

One of the best warranties in the business is provided by Kia, which allays some worries about upcoming maintenance expenses.

To further safeguard your investment, find out if the dealership provides any additional warranties or servicing packages.