Autonomous emergency braking warning light warning message

Today in New England, we had light snow and rain. After braking, I received a dashboard warning: Autonomous Emergency Braking disabled, radar signal blocked along with an orange warning triangle and AEB light. I was close to my destination, so I did not worry, but I wonder where the sensor is and how to fix this if it happens again. It wasn’t a major storm, just 31°F with big snowflakes and rain, though there were puddles. Shouldn’t such an important sensor be harder to block? I do clean my rear camera in heavy snow or rain, which is obvious.

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car owners hear this If you notice a warning light or message related to autonomous emergency braking (AEB) on your dashboard, it indicates a potential malfunction or improper functioning of your car’s AEB system.

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The sensor uses radar to detect obstacles and help prevent collisions.

In snowy or rainy weather, the sensor can get blocked by ice, snow, or even heavy water droplets. When the radar signal is blocked, the system can’t work properly, and that’s why you saw the warning on your dashboard.

Here’s what you can do if this happens again:

  1. Check the Front of Your Car: Make sure the area around the sensor is clean. Remove any snow, ice, or dirt that might be blocking it.
  2. Keep the Sensor Clear: Just like you clean your rear camera, make it a habit to check and clean the front sensor, especially in bad weather.
  3. Stay Safe: If you get the warning again, drive carefully and remember that the AEB might not work until the sensor is clear.

While it can be frustrating that such an important sensor can get blocked, it’s a common issue with many cars. Keeping it clean can help prevent these warnings in the future.