Are 2023 Kias at risk of being stolen?

Recently bought a brand new 2023 Kia Rio in March. While I’m loving the car, I can’t help but feel concerned after hearing about the TikTok-related thefts. Initially, I believed that all 2023 vehicles were equipped to resist the USB theft hack, but now I’m coming across information suggesting that only push-to-start keys offer protection, not physical keys like the one I have.

I’m a bit perplexed. Can someone clarify whether 2023 Kias are still vulnerable to theft or not?

No,but there’s a risk of your vehicle being vandalized by individuals unaware of which Kias have immobilizers. These are typically immature individuals who wouldn’t bother to determine what they can steal before causing damage.

Boss, I have great news regarding the 2023 Kia vehicles. Starting from November 1, 2021, all Hyundai and Kia automobiles have been equipped with an anti-theft immobilizer as a standard feature. This enhancement substantially enhances their security measures. Consequently, both the 2022 models and all 2023 units are now protected from the audacious thefts that plagued older models.

The car has a security system called an immobilizer, which makes it hard to steal. But thieves might still try because they might not know about the security system. Even if they try, they might not be smart enough to know which years of cars have this security feature.

There was a surge in Kia thefts due to a social media method, but it’s not as clear-cut for 2023 Rios. While some reports say all 2023 models are safe, others indicate only push-to-start ignitions got a software update to prevent this specific hack.